Day 6: Favourite Episode

And finally I am back from my little hiatus due to recent exam time and continue with one of my favourite days. Why? Cause my favourite episode will forever be this one:

Episode 288.

Why? Okay, that is a bit of a story, actually. I´m currently watching DB Kai after ten years, when I first watched DBZ on TV and I was thinking about watching all of DBZ AGAIN and settled in watching one of the later fillers after the Boo fight. Weeell, that episode was worth another look with a friend of mine and her reaction was so hilarious that it will always remind me of itXD

Okay, what happens in this Episode?

Theres a party at Bulmas place and everyone is invited. Nothings going to happen anyway, so that´s fine. But THEN:

Yes, Chichi, why? But don´t feel sorry for yourself, Gohan, what your lil brother had to wear was much MUCH worse:

…badly of bowties? How dare you! The Doctor wears them! See, I really didn´t get what the fuck was so important about going to Bulma anyway, since Goten practically lived there, but that was not even close to the madness still to come! Cause where was Goku…

'Uh, what a nice future omlette!' Yeah, you wish. Nope, Goku figured that wild animals were absolutely unable to breed their own eggs and they need him. Personally. He´s also wearing a suit and now you decide which is weirder.

Then there´s stuff happening, a giant killer snake attacks the eggs (just when they are about to be finished! What a timing, really) and Goku saves them, AGAIN, cause the eggs of giant, meat eating flying dinosaurs are definitely way less harmful than a giant killer snake. Why is everything so giant anyway?

And then cut, we are at the Capsule Corp. and Trunks is showing off:

But I can´t help it, those shorts… And woah, Yamcha appears! Who would have thought that, the only person we see repeatedly driving a car and he is still not able to drive it correctly.

Son Family entrance and of course we have to have the stupid ‘she said Goku has babys!’ missunderstanding, cause saying ‘he has to look after dinosaurs’ would have been to complicated to tell. Bah.

Bulma, you´re rich! Stop doing stuff yourself!

And this was the moment, my friend totally flipped! Vegeta letting Boo spitting on him and THEN giving him some of his food. For real. No wonder he let the moustache happen…

Oh look! Bulma has such nice flowers, tulips and a piccolo! Seriously, how can he even lie there, isn´t he propped on his shoulder-thingie? Maybe he was stuck in the ground and can´t get up and now he´s pretending to be totally happy when in fact he HATES tulips and I have to move on.

Now back to Goku, who has a flashback of his Grandpa, which is totally unrelated to the dinosaurs. There are no Dino-orphans. They weren´t found in the mountains, they actually made their own eggs. You are not a Dino-Whisperer.

Uh, another misfortune, Dinos fighting and making a small earthquake, which threatens the eggs. AGAIN! Thank god Goku was there and really, should anyone think of that as entertaining? Anyway, to make it all worse, now comes the dancing scene. Dancing. In Dragonball. Quality, I assure you:

Bulma sure knows her drugs…

Yes she does, there is no other reason those two keep smiling like crazy idiots! Oh, and fingerdance-Vegeta with tapdance-Piccolo, my all-time favourites.

Two young people have to dance in front of a bunch of old, perverted people. I see where this is going.

It´s not the fact that Chichi mistakes dancing with … fighting or something, BUT that everyone is totally ‘she is so good, you can´t believe it, look at her swagger, totally badass!’ when she is totally wasted for sure. Gohan, take your Mum home, she embarasses you!

Oh noes, someone mentioned Goku and now everyone is like ‘Why isn´t he here yet?’ ‘Chichi will be totally mad and kill us all for mentioning it!’ and ‘He is dead for sure, eaten by dinosaurs!’ and everyone is acting like the end of the world when instead Goku is simply doing what he always does - not giving a shit. Did I mention the female dino has lashes? She does!

Alright, something is wrong on Mt. Paozu, all animals (tigers, monkeys, other dinos) appear all to watch and celebrate the birth of three new babies, who will inevitably EAT tigers and monkeys and stuff, but who cares? NO, a thunderstorm is coming, a fate so incredibly bad, one egg is still in the branch and THANK GOD GOKU IS THERE! My friend was already screaming loudly at the screen at that time.

Now you won´t believe it, the poor egg is so weak that Goku fears to break it by moving, so he´s off, chopping some trees to put the trunks on the actual nest in an order that makes not much sense to me at all, but hey, GOKU DID IT, so it´s safe.

The inevitable happens, the other egg falls down in a very narrow river with rocks and of COURSE the incredibly fragile egg does not break! But Goku, SSJ 3 and more powerful as all Gods combined almost drowns trying to rescue the egg! Oh the Drama!

You didn´t think we would make this without a waterfall and a rescue in the latest possible second for someone, who could fly faster than light if he actually wanted?

We stopped caring at that point.

*cough* Killed fish like that as a child by hunting them with his TAIL *cough*

No, I can´t. Sorry. Don´t hate me.

Of course she DOES, so everything starts revolving around Goku AGAIN, Chichi and Bulma make him something to eat and everyone, who were just leaving, didn´t. I mean, incredible Dino-story, who wouldn´t want to hear it? *friend raises hand*

Here they are, the biggest adventure EVER in DBZ. You should be damn happy, baby-dinos!

Really? He listened to that? But then he was also finger-dancing, so I suspect, nothing is safe anymore.

And that´s it. Vegeta looks into the sunset (he DOES) and everyone is serving Goku and admiring him and DIDN´T YOU NOTICE HE´S THE MAIN CHARACTER? Now we do.

Ha, that was long. Hope you had a bit fun, I definitely had MUCH watching thisXD