Yes! I was watching TV a lot the last two days and since my sister just bought the DVD, I gave Iron Man 1 another round. I still loved itXD There were some parts were I was ‘meh’ ‘could´ve been better’ but overall, great movie.

And then, I wanted to do this for a time now, I watched Thor again. … why though.

Okay, I have to be fair, Hiddles was super ADORABLE in the movie! Like with the cute hair and his pretty face and omg he was so pretty.

And that´s it. That´s all that is good about that movie. Cause everything else… god is it bad! Plot? Dialogues? ACTING? Anything? It watched like a Fanfic come to life, or a bad novel, but srsly, of all Marvel movies, this one was the worst. Only saved by Hiddles, who was, I have to say it again, super ADORABLE! But oh my the restXD

I still know I wasn´t feeling very well two years ago when I first watched it, so I wasn´t paying too much attention. I must have felt really bad.

Oh, and I watched Captain America again, a few weeks ago, such a good movie. Still my favourite after The Avengers.

Look what happened on my Dashboard…