Erkenntnisdrang (Piccolo/Gohan)

Finally I finished one of the requests from a year ago! This one, written in German I might add, is for Hosith!

Length: 3.5K

Rating: 18+

Warnings:  Teen Gohan and ensuing akwardness, frotting

Summary: Gohan is very smart. He knows a lot about basically everything. Except procreation. And there is only one person able to help him with his lack of knowledge.

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Mein Grad an Erheiterung ist übrigens direkt proportional zur Tatsache, dass ich mal wieder auf Deutsch geschrieben hab. Sexszenen auf Deutsch zu schreiben ist zwar irgendwie furchtbar, aber alles andere ist dafür umso besser. Also hoffe ich, ich konnte es in der Story umsetzen, haha.



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dragon ball z + text posts. PART. THREE. *jazz hands*

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Raditz: You still owe me that candy, Nappa…

DBZ Fanfiction Recommendation List


Yup, I wanted to do that for a while, so here you go! The list is under the cut, cause all the additional Info took some space.

What you will find:

FFs of all sorts but mostly general and some V/B, only some Yaoi, since I hardly read it.  Most of it will have a high rating because I love mature FFs. Mature cause of violence and language, not so much because of sex.

There will be a link, a short summary, from me if not given by the author, rating, length and status.

AND I will always be happy if I get recs in return:D

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Updated it a bit, so here you go again. For all who are interested.


this is the best idea i’ve ever read

Why didn´t we get THAT? Oh, I know. Cause Toriyama didn´t know how a female Super Saiyan would look like! Ha. Haha. Asshole.

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Night out (Vegeta/OC)

Puh, so basically this is my first PWP I wrote some time ago, but I spontaneously decided to edit it yesterday, so here you go. All nice and shiny and much more sexy than before!

Length: 3K

Rating: 18+

Warnings:  non-con, oral, anal, a little bit of footplay and choking. OC is bigendered (meaning male and female sex organs)

Summary: Bisinja is spending the night in a bar, horribly bored. Till some soldier comes in, dark, quiet, exactly the type she likes to fuck. The ones that seem to struggle. The ones that put up a fight. The ones that make it exciting.




DBZ Ideas is a meta blog, ranging from headcanons to FF plots. Straying from the canon is appreciated.

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Some thoughts about Goku as well… one thing that intrigues me is this ‘programming’ the saiyans implanted into the children they sent away on missions. There had to be…

I’d like to use the ‘Nature VS Nurture’ argument for my possible theories about Saiyans. 

If we take DB Minus as canon, Goku was not taken out of his incubating pod until he was a little over two years old (assuming that he also grew in the pod during the fetus stage, nine months or so for birth). Now if we assume that all Saiyans were birthed like this at some point (perhaps as soon as they met the Tuffles or after they won the war against the Tuffles, or rather when technological advancements reached the point in space where babies no longer had to be carried and either Saiyans discovered this technology or it was brought to them) then perhaps that could explain the beginnings of their aggressive nature.

In real-life studies among babies, those who do not receive physical attention or affection can actually die from it or will “literally stop growing” (Source: ). Now let’s say that Saiyans still develop normally in an incubating pod but due to lack of physical contact and a rather cold environment submerged in liquid (as opposed to the warmth of their mother’s womb) they develop even more aggression than their instinctual nature calls for. 

Since Goku was sent off the planet after barely having time out of the incubator pod, one theory could be that there is some type of programming given to Saiyans while they are developing in the incubator OR inside their space pods. Perhaps some type of aggressive tapes (audio or visual) that play for them that teach them their language and tell them battle stories? Or perhaps the developing child can hear what goes on outside of their incubators and the parents or caretakers of the children teach them the language and tell them stories. (The latter theory may be more plausible because Raditz says to Goku: ‘Quit joking around! You couldn’t have forgotten about me or our mission!’ So that could imply that babies are aware of what goes on outside their incubators.)

The opposite idea in which Saiyans are naturally aggressive from birth and nurture has little to do with it is plausible/possible, but I’d like to think that their society plays a larger role in their aggressive behavior and attitudes. (Even when their ancestors did not have incubator technology).

Consider this: 

This implies that Saiyans don’t normally care much for their children, or have a deep connection with them. They may be sad if they lose their child but they would probably accept it as being a normal and highly likely circumstance. The population of the Saiyan race was said to only be a ‘few thousand’, if we attribute this to their war-mongering ways then it was certainly not unexpected to lose anyone.  

And Akira Toriyama said: 

"Saiyans don’t have much of a concept of ‘family’." (Source)

Therefore we can surmise that Saiyans value strength or power above everything else. They have a severe lack of connecting or caring for their relatives. The closest relationships that they have is with their battle comrades.

dbzideas said:

"Thing is, there is no reason why the head trauma Goku suffered as an infant shouldn´t go away by time. Meaning that all of the programming could come back and even if Goku showed tremendous mental strength it doesn´t mean that he could withstand it easily."

I disagree. I think it is entirely possible, especially because he was so young, for him to have forgotten everything and never regain those memories. With that being the case, he started off on a completely clean slate mentally and when freely given physical/emotional affection by his foster grandfather he accepted it and learned to care for him.

I think Saiyans would have been capable of caring for their family and others more if they were raised in a similar environment like many Earthlings are, in which families and friends care for one another very much. But instead of caring for family, Saiyans were raised to value strength.

Vegeta was probably the most vulnerable to this type of upbringing. Most likely he was raised to value his own strength even more than other Saiyans since he was born with a power level that exceeded his own father, the King. It was probably expected of him to be the strongest warrior of all by almost every Saiyan. Even Bardock is aware of Vegeta’s attitude, so it’s likely that everyone knew of his strength.

[Theory on Vegeta’s mother: Since we don’t know anything about Vegeta’s mother this is all hypothetical. Maybe his mother had little involvement in his life, treated him the same as his father, or died when he was young (soon after giving birth to Tarble?). Perhaps his father/mother did not show him much affection and constantly talked about how he should train hard to become stronger. This would have contributed to Vegeta’s uncaring attitude a lot. If we think of Tarble as a canon character then we can see how Vegeta may have learned to value strength even more with the idea that if he wasn’t strong than he would be sent away like his brother. Perhaps he suspected that his father only cared for him if he was strong and therefore everyone else only cared about his strength too. In response, Vegeta developed a selfish attitude and lack of compassion for others.]

dbzideas said:

"I could imagine some of it creeping back slowly, maybe he remembers things that are lacking any context, maybe he understood Vegeta swearing in Saiya-go, involuntarily answering. I would even go so far to say that Gokus change in behaviour later in the series, getting more serious, less childish, even the sacrifice with Cell could be influenced by a certain fear of loosing himself if it should ever come back."

I do not think Goku had a fear of becoming different or reverting to the normal way a Saiyan was expected to act. He became more serious and less childish because of the events that happened to him after his fight with Raditz. He learns that he cannot defeat his enemies or overcome hardships the same way he has in the past. (He dies from a fight with his estranged brother and helps Piccolo kill him; He fights and loses his battle with Vegeta but is saved by his comrades; He gives Freeza a second chance and it backfires on him; He learns that he could die from a heart disease; He is targeted by androids; He expects his son to defeat Cell but doesn’t realize how scared Gohan is)

He probably did not fear sacrificing himself to Cell because he had died before and knew what to expect. He also lacks empathy in regards to his family and friends when he leaves them and refuses to accept a wish for revival. (He is also more than happy to stay and fight in the Other World.) We also see this later on when he goes off to train Uub, he doesn’t explain himself or stop to listen to anyone else’s thoughts on him leaving (except for Pan in the anime).

dbzideas said:

Speaking of Vegeta, it would be a completely different case than he had. Vegeta was always in control of his own mind, no matter the circumstances. It was his decision to stay on Earth and to change his behaviour, his attitude and even his morals. 

I think this is further proof that Saiyans can be more human-like with their emotions/feelings and less aggressive if they are put in an environment that encourages it. Although it took a long time for Vegeta to learn to accept his family, especially if we include the time he spent in ‘The Room of Spirit and Time (aka the Hyberbolic Time Chamber)’, but eventually he grows fond of his family and even life on Earth. 

This is wonderfully thought-out meta, just one short note from my side: This was not meant as an interpretation of the canon from my side, it was more of a ‘what if’ and I think I thought of it as a little FF idea.

Either way, for my general view of canon, I am absolutely behind your arguments for Goku´s behaviour etc. It´s also funny, again, to see how the Saiyans get depicted one dimensionally so easily. Where does it come from that they are too aggressive for any other sorts of behaviours? Just looking at the series at itself, all characters are rather bland. So I wouldn´t even be so careful as you are to say that yes, there sure was indoctrination, nature of the race and a million other possible nuanced reasons for them to be brute, aggressive and uncaring, but there is no reason to assume that besides the few SOLDIERS we got introduced to in the series that all acted like that there was no other spectrum of behaviour or feelings or mindset in the whole race. That again shows how unimaginative most FF writers etc are when it comes to that, haha.

Anyway, I especially enjoyed your interesting meta about DB One, something I don´t actually take into account much. I made some posts about Vegeta´s mother and some background of the Saiyan society, broadest speculation of course, since barely anything is known and I didn´t know of DB One then and never bothered to include it into my plots etc, so this is really well thought-out and in-depth and a completely different perspective.

In my long ass rant there I completely forgot to say that yes, I know that humanity thought it nice to experiment on small children and find out that they do, in fact, need some attention and affection, otherwise they will become aggressive and develope problematic behaviour etc or, in worst case, die. Since you mention it, it´s exactly those studies that I used for the world building of the Saiyan society in my FFs, haha.

My unpopular Headcanons about Bra


  • She is not a daddy’s baby girl nor mommy’s copy that gets on Vegeta’s nerves and makes him crazy. Rather, she looks after BOTH (old and stupid) parents and handled their weirdness well. She’s wise beyond her years, totally independent yet has a very strong sense of family and responsibility. She’s the most mature, level-headed member of the family after Adult Trunks, who pretty much moved out when she was growing up.
  • She’s skilled in swordmanship. 
  • She always has a smile on her face. Almost like Mrs. Briefs but her eyes are open. Whilst her grandmom’s smile is often air-headed and drunken and her mom’s is sexy and blaming attractive, her smile is level-headed, calm and soothing.  
  • She is very feminine, the “traditional”, modest and serene way.
  • Don’t let her smile or her absolute gentle feminity OR the fact that she’s neither a SUPER strong adrenaline fighter or a crazy genius scientist fool you. Underneath that is nerves of steel and the will of a warrior. Remember when she called Pan and said “Don’t hit him too hard you’ll kill him” and she was like 3 (Pan was 4) ? K. 
  • You’ll see her in the kitchen or a bookstore or school more than in the ring and GR and the lab, but with her little helping hand/advices/deas Vegeta is much more healthy and happy as a father and Bulma is often amazed at how this 10 year old can solve problems so fast and she doesn’t even take a class of science. 
  • She enjoys training just like Vegeta does. She likes fighting as a healthy hobby and exercise. 
  • She’s extremely observant and curious. Sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes it’s bad. 
  • She rivals Vegeta’s strategic talent and battle smarts when she fights and unlike the younger him and younger Bulma, she’s so cool headed in a battle that you can mistake it for cool-hearted. 
  • She adores her father. Not in a way a spoiled daddy’s girl does. She never tells him to do things for her because she’s a big girl even when she’s 4. She understand what he needs, what he feels and she’d help all she can. If Bulma was always his fiery, full of life, sometimes drunken and childish companion in his younger, more angsty days, when Bra’s with her old stoic and lonely father, the way she comforts and cares for him and the way Vegeta looks like 30 even though he’s 65 makes you think she’s his gentle, caring and dutiful wife, not Bulma. 
  • 5 year old Bra calls Vegeta “papa” but 15 and older Bra calls him “Otou-sama”, with ALL the respect and adoration. 
  • Again, she’s not particularly closer to Vegeta than she was Bulma or anyone and Trunks is actually closer to Father, but she’s CLOSE to him in a different way. She inherited his sense of pride and honor. She can deny her own personal wants and needs and say things like “If you have time to be bored. you have time to work or train, brother.” Or “don’t disturb father.” “Mother, please don’t drink too much.” She keeps the smile on her face when she says those things and would never snap, nag or scream but you don’t DARE to oppose her, because “I’m the daughter of a warrior!” While Trunks is more laidback, she’s quite strict and serious when she wants to be.
  • She sometimes takes too much upon herself, but that’s only because she cares and she’s strong. 
  • She does what she says she does. Just like her father, she’s pure and true and simple-minded determination.
  • She doesn’t like fancy clothes and showing her skin. Bulma says she’s just like her father, adorably archaic and shy. 
  • She is especially emotionally strong and reserved. She knows her mother’s quirks and her father’s psycho, evil past. Most of them was hearsay from Trunks and others, but she had calm judgement and a big heart with things that are crazy even at a young age.
  • She wanted to know as much as possible about Vegeta and Saiyans. And she knew. 
  • She is good friends with Pan. She’s the battle/tactical wisdom , if not scientific brains, in the team to Pan’s fighting talent. 
  • Vegeta once told her : “Your mother is always busy with machines. She also is careless and clumsy, and can’t cook to save her life. Your brother has his work and family to take care of. Be strong and learn everything you can so you can take care of her when i’m not around.” 

Ooooh, this is very nice! There are a few points where I personally have slightly different headcanons (I see her way more arrogant and self-centered, but still highly affectionate towards her family) but either way, this is a great number of headcanons! I´m not alone with my love for Bra:D

Delays again


No matter how I try to keep a steady run of posts on this blog, my personal life interferes.

To not keep the selected few hanging, I just got a job, keeps me busy almost the complete day and I also have to look for a permanent job in the evening.

Meaning, I don´t have much time for this.

Meaning, SUBMIT! I don´t care what, everything is welcome. Also, I offered to promote FFs and I want to say it again, it´s fine, I have to change the ‘rules’ page, but it´s fine. Just sent a fanmail or an Email if you want to ( with a summary and well, the usual stuff (rating etc) or share your ideas. I have plenty, but I don´t have time, sadly.

Maybe some more people see it on this blog as well. My new job is REALLY time consuming, including 2 h travel time in the morning and evening (in the same fucking city! I just drive from one end to the other! I start to hate big cities. But what do I say, I live in one of the tiny ones on the outskirts of a major city, the public transport is a fucking mess!)
Anyway, can´t do much, don´t want to do much, right now I just had to ride my bike through the rain, so all I´m gonna do is lie down and watch TV. That´s it. For people with more leisure time and more brain capacity, submit something.

Actually, I would like some nsfw submissions, I tried to inspire with some of my own, no one so far reacted. Most of my FFs are nsfw, I really would enjoy some new input and ideas that maaaaybe could be useful. I know, how selfish.



What if Vegeta was hanging out with Piccolo and got super hungry so he just ripped off Piccolo’s arm and started eating it. And Piccolo is just there like ‘FUUUUCK’ and Vegeta sits down eating it all calm like it’s a normal thing to do saying ‘you grow new ones all the time, you can lend me a hand this one time ha haaaa om nom nom’. And then after Piccolo regrows his arm he mutters to himself about feeling like he’s like the fucking giving tree. 


I really didn’t think that my crazy night blogging ramblings would get this many notes ;-; maybe I should start posting my silly headcanons and stuff more often lol

Honestly, that idea is great, don´t be shy about it! And I kinda have to make a little bit of advertisement, my sideblog dbzideas is specifically for headcanons, especially unusal ones. So if you want to, I´d love to have some more submissions for it!


Chapters: 3/7
Fandom: Dragon Ball
Rating: Explicit - 18+
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
Relationships: Bulma Briefs/Vegeta, Vegeta/Original Female Character
Characters: Vegeta, Bulma Briefs, Original Female Character
Summary: pre DBZ. Reflections about the destruction of Vegeta-sei in form of three stories dealing with Vegeta´s past and present.

Why is it posted here:

A little explanation. Since this blog is currently run mostly by my own posts (and submissions are still welcome! Please feel free to share your ideas!) and as some of you might have noticed I talk a lot about using those ideas in FFs, I thought I´d make a little post about that one FF which was the reason for most of those headcanons.

Now, this is still a WIP, though it is the first FF I´ve written, cause it is originally in German and I´m translating/editing it at the moment. The most important part headcanon-wise is already published though (would be chapter 3, for the curious ones among you who are not interested in the story)

Either way, a summary that is a bit more inclusive than the one above: The story is basically three short stories, all revolving around Vegeta and memorable women he met. It starts with another Saiyan survivor he meets for a short time, giving him another insight how the destruction of their planet affected the few that were left. Second part is about Vegeta´s mother. That part of the story actually starts with her getting pregnant with Vegeta and ends with the destruction of the planet and last, Vegeta meeting Bulma, maybe from a slightly different perspective (can´t say that with certainty of course. I haven´t read every V/B get together story out there, so maybe not that innovative)

I also decided that everyone can send asks with FF recs (please your own!), including summary and stating why it should be on this blog. I don´t want to convert the blog to a FF rec blog, but if it is a memorable and unusal (and good written) FF, it´s basically a headcanon anyway.

This week I´ll try to write some  more posts and of course, submit!




My favorite headcanons all revolve around the political and economic operations of the PTO.  Although I’d consider him less property speculator and more oil rich oligarch.  Currency speculation could TOTALLY be a part of the PTO’s operational considerations.  I could hella see Frieza’s speculations on the worth of a particular planet/species’ currency driving that population into poverty and making their planet next on his list of inventory for sale.




My favorite headcanons all revolve around the political and economic operations of the PTO.  Although I’d consider him less property speculator and more oil rich oligarch.  Currency speculation could TOTALLY be a part of the PTO’s operational considerations.  I could hella see Frieza’s speculations on the worth of a particular planet/species’ currency driving that population into poverty and making their planet next on his list of inventory for sale.

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Vegeta is horrified to see his wife in the kitchen…. I wonder what kind of mishaps he had to save Bulma from in the past ^_^

I’ve seen this around before, but I don’t remeber if it was translated or not. But here it is anyway. Sorry if the spelling is a little bit off, I’m too tired right now…

Title: 尴尬 (Awkward)
Artist: Kuri/ Ai to yokobou no hibi
Translation: The Monkey Princeling/Lollidrella

I think the best thing is Goku being a little shit ‘I´m gonna tell everyone!’ Haha, he may be a nice person, but not THAT niceXD

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