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No matter how I try to keep a steady run of posts on this blog, my personal life interferes.

To not keep the selected few hanging, I just got a job, keeps me busy almost the complete day and I also have to look for a permanent job in the evening.

Meaning, I don´t have much time for this.

Meaning, SUBMIT! I don´t care what, everything is welcome. Also, I offered to promote FFs and I want to say it again, it´s fine, I have to change the ‘rules’ page, but it´s fine. Just sent a fanmail or an Email if you want to ( with a summary and well, the usual stuff (rating etc) or share your ideas. I have plenty, but I don´t have time, sadly.

Maybe some more people see it on this blog as well. My new job is REALLY time consuming, including 2 h travel time in the morning and evening (in the same fucking city! I just drive from one end to the other! I start to hate big cities. But what do I say, I live in one of the tiny ones on the outskirts of a major city, the public transport is a fucking mess!)
Anyway, can´t do much, don´t want to do much, right now I just had to ride my bike through the rain, so all I´m gonna do is lie down and watch TV. That´s it. For people with more leisure time and more brain capacity, submit something.

Actually, I would like some nsfw submissions, I tried to inspire with some of my own, no one so far reacted. Most of my FFs are nsfw, I really would enjoy some new input and ideas that maaaaybe could be useful. I know, how selfish.



What if Vegeta was hanging out with Piccolo and got super hungry so he just ripped off Piccolo’s arm and started eating it. And Piccolo is just there like ‘FUUUUCK’ and Vegeta sits down eating it all calm like it’s a normal thing to do saying ‘you grow new ones all the time, you can lend me a hand this one time ha haaaa om nom nom’. And then after Piccolo regrows his arm he mutters to himself about feeling like he’s like the fucking giving tree. 


I really didn’t think that my crazy night blogging ramblings would get this many notes ;-; maybe I should start posting my silly headcanons and stuff more often lol

Honestly, that idea is great, don´t be shy about it! And I kinda have to make a little bit of advertisement, my sideblog dbzideas is specifically for headcanons, especially unusal ones. So if you want to, I´d love to have some more submissions for it!


Chapters: 3/7
Fandom: Dragon Ball
Rating: Explicit - 18+
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
Relationships: Bulma Briefs/Vegeta, Vegeta/Original Female Character
Characters: Vegeta, Bulma Briefs, Original Female Character
Summary: pre DBZ. Reflections about the destruction of Vegeta-sei in form of three stories dealing with Vegeta´s past and present.

Why is it posted here:

A little explanation. Since this blog is currently run mostly by my own posts (and submissions are still welcome! Please feel free to share your ideas!) and as some of you might have noticed I talk a lot about using those ideas in FFs, I thought I´d make a little post about that one FF which was the reason for most of those headcanons.

Now, this is still a WIP, though it is the first FF I´ve written, cause it is originally in German and I´m translating/editing it at the moment. The most important part headcanon-wise is already published though (would be chapter 3, for the curious ones among you who are not interested in the story)

Either way, a summary that is a bit more inclusive than the one above: The story is basically three short stories, all revolving around Vegeta and memorable women he met. It starts with another Saiyan survivor he meets for a short time, giving him another insight how the destruction of their planet affected the few that were left. Second part is about Vegeta´s mother. That part of the story actually starts with her getting pregnant with Vegeta and ends with the destruction of the planet and last, Vegeta meeting Bulma, maybe from a slightly different perspective (can´t say that with certainty of course. I haven´t read every V/B get together story out there, so maybe not that innovative)

I also decided that everyone can send asks with FF recs (please your own!), including summary and stating why it should be on this blog. I don´t want to convert the blog to a FF rec blog, but if it is a memorable and unusal (and good written) FF, it´s basically a headcanon anyway.

This week I´ll try to write some  more posts and of course, submit!




My favorite headcanons all revolve around the political and economic operations of the PTO.  Although I’d consider him less property speculator and more oil rich oligarch.  Currency speculation could TOTALLY be a part of the PTO’s operational considerations.  I could hella see Frieza’s speculations on the worth of a particular planet/species’ currency driving that population into poverty and making their planet next on his list of inventory for sale.




My favorite headcanons all revolve around the political and economic operations of the PTO.  Although I’d consider him less property speculator and more oil rich oligarch.  Currency speculation could TOTALLY be a part of the PTO’s operational considerations.  I could hella see Frieza’s speculations on the worth of a particular planet/species’ currency driving that population into poverty and making their planet next on his list of inventory for sale.

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Vegeta is horrified to see his wife in the kitchen…. I wonder what kind of mishaps he had to save Bulma from in the past ^_^

I’ve seen this around before, but I don’t remeber if it was translated or not. But here it is anyway. Sorry if the spelling is a little bit off, I’m too tired right now…

Title: 尴尬 (Awkward)
Artist: Kuri/ Ai to yokobou no hibi
Translation: The Monkey Princeling/Lollidrella

I think the best thing is Goku being a little shit ‘I´m gonna tell everyone!’ Haha, he may be a nice person, but not THAT niceXD

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Watercolor and Charcoal techniques:

When I was in college for art, we were pretty much taught to create our final pieces using watercolor, gouache, or a computer. However, I came from a high school where we were taught how to use all kinds of traditional media. While most “professional” artists are trained to use a medium that reproduces well in print, it’s cool to sometimes see how different traditional tools interact when mixed together…and be a bit abstract. 

I’ve always been a big fan of using charcoal and watercolor. I love shadows and making everything dark. As my watercolor instructor used to say, with his lovely English accent, “You’re a dark, dark woman!”

1. The top piece was created with a wet-on-dry technique. I drew the gesture (Vegeta, of course) with dark, vine charcoal and then added the color. When charcoal is thickly applied, it darkens even more with water and can be blended when wet with a paintbrush.

2. The middle piece was wet-on-wet. I soaked the watercolor paper with a large brush, loosely dabbed some color on it, and then dipped my charcoal in water and just made a big mess. If you’re using a harder charcoal piece or charcoal-pencil, it’ll probably rip the shit out of your paper. Try using really soft charcoal. And then add more color if you want!

3. The last one was just a really quick charcoal gesture with a splattering of alizarin crimson paint. Use a damp brush, stick it in some wet, red watercolor paint, and then run the tip of your finger along the top of the brush. Let the bristles fling forward. It gets your finger messy, but creates a fun effect.

And that’s a long-winded tutorial nobody asked for! Thanks for your help, Vegeta! :D

You know what also works fine? Combining colour pencils with water colours. Especially for people like me who are super bored when it´s not going fast enough, you can give the pic some basic colour with the water colours and depth and shadows with the colour pencils.

Charcoal on water is something I would´ve never tried and it looks neat, so I guess I´ll try it soon… see, the tutorial was not useless at all;)

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DBZ and Sailor Moon Crossovers


DBZ Ideas is a meta blog, ranging from headcanons to FF plots. Straying from the canon is appreciated.

- - - - - - - - - - -

When I got back in the DBZ fandom, I saw those old crossover FFs, back in the day when both series were running around the same time and though I haven´t read one FF I liked, I made up my mind about this crossover as well. Doesn´t it say somewhere in the blog description it´s also for FF ideas…

One thing I find particularly interesting is a Sailor Senshi of Vegeta-sei. I´m sure there is enough material for that already, still… the senshi are the protectors of their planet. Considering the Saiyans, this senshi would probably be very physical and very loud and obnoxious. Now, taking the senshi from Sailor Moon into account and how both the ones from our solar system as well as the Three Lights have chosen a princess from their ranks, it would be reasonable to say the same is going on at the Vegeta-sei solar system. Vegeta-sei being the dominant planet for sure, Sailor Vegeta would be the princess. Or queen.

Read More

I was only half serious with this. Of course I thought of all this, but if ever became a FF, I would tag it as ‘humor’. Like, SM and DBZ cannot be taken seriously in the most cases. Both together is like the total overloadXD

Yeah. Someone feels inspired, drop me a note, I wanna read it;)

Bra and Vegeta


DBZ Ideas is a meta blog, ranging from headcanons to FF plots. Straying from the canon is appreciated.

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Some people might have noticed I have strong feelings for Bra, so another post about her… I always see those meta posts about Bra being treated as the precious princess and kept out of harms way as much as possible by Vegeta.

I think of it a bit differently. First of all, if anyone wanted the second child it would´ve been Vegeta in my opinion. Bulma simply doesn´t strike me as the kind of person who wishes for children, but she seems to love Vegeta enough to grant him a wish like that. Considering how rich she is, there is no need for her to care more about the child than she is willing to do.

Vegeta on the other hand wasn´t there when Trunks was born. He wasn´t there when he was a little child and even later I´m pretty convinced he didn´t care much, till he got accustomed to it.

Of course Bra would be super precious to Vegeta under those circumstances. But let´s not forget that keeping children safe and out of possible danger is something very human. Considering the way Vegeta had to live, grown up as a soldier amongst soldiers, knowing very well what people were capable of doing, the last thing he would do would leave his own children defenseless. I don´t think he abused his children with training, but he sure took care that they both knew how to defend themselves, if bad came to worse.

In case of Bra, I am convinced she loves her father much more than her mother. It´s actually pretty straight forward, Bulma always got along better with men, all her friends were male, Trunks is much like her, it makes sense that she hangs onto him more. I picture Bra much like Vegeta, very rash and passionate, making him see himself in her.

And I think Bra would always go to her father in case of personal problems. Even if she would just hit it all out of her, or maybe talk and letting him listen. Though I´m sure he would react equally harsh if his daughter would start to self-pity herself or appear weak.

Other opinions? Own ideas? Submit or reblog and add!

Oh my, who would´ve thought that I think so much about Bra and Vegeta, haha.

No srsly. Bra 5eva. No discussions on this point:D

All my tomorrows Chapter 3

Finally, took me long enough to continue. But since it diverted from translating to rewriting, since it´s an old story and a lot of it didn´t fit my present taste anymore, it just took longer. Anyway!

Length: 8K

Rating: 18+

Warnings:  This chapter… f/f sex scene and mentioning of violence.

Summary: pre DBZ. Reflections about the destruction of Vegeta-sei in form of three stories dealing with Vegeta s past and present.

This chapter: Beginning of Part 2, about Vegeta´s mother, starting with her arrival on Vegeta-sei to deliver the new king.

Read on your preferred site:




Saiyan Uniform redesigns

DBZ Ideas is a blog for all ideas around DBZ, from headcanons to FF plots. Ideas that stray from canon are welcome as well! Submissions are appreciated.

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So, those pics are a bit older, but they still represent where my thoughts went with the Saiyan uniforms.

Personally, I like to think of the Saiyans as technologically more advanced (see it as disregarding or interpreting DB Zero), therefore the uniform would be a bit more interesting than the very stylized comic version.

The biggest differences: Protection of the complete torso, actual boots and arm/hand protection. Especially the last point should be very important for hand-to-hand combatants. It could still consist of a highly elastic material that wouldn´t rip during oozaru transformation.

What do you think? Different ideas about armor, sketches or pics depicting it (please only your own!) Submit or reblog!

The blog was a bit inactive lately, so a bit of more or less new content. I have to make more posts, haha. Hopefully one or other user here wants to contribute! Everything is allowed, except rudeness.

(and I really like the pics, I should make some newer versions, I have ideas!)


Saiyan Arc Vegeta is a badass motherfucker


Know why? Because he breaks Goku. And you say “so what, other villains beat goku to a pulp”. Well, you’re mistaking me. Vegeta doesn’t just beat Goku, he breaks him.

There is no super shounen bullshit. No “everything i’ve got!” last-ditch ultimate move, no “~share your energy~” everybody-contributes malarkey, no suddenly-relevant legends, no self-sacrificing heroism, no miracles. Hell, most of those come up and Vegeta just beats the shit out of them.

The main character spends half the fight in a crumpled heap with Vegeta occasionally jumping over and kicking him in the ribs. Mr. Hidden Powaaaaahhhh gets his shit wrecked no matter how mad he gets. All their Super Special Mystical Twaining is useless. The Everybody Helps technique fails completely. Even Oozaru doesn’t work - Vegeta cuts off his tail before the beast really damages him. It’s only the pure dumb luck that Gohan happened to land on Vegeta that finally brings him down.

It’s a beautifully brutal fight that outdoes everything before and after, and it’s completely dependent on who Vegeta is: the complete opposite of everything “shonen”.

I love this. Really. Always the most brutal, desperate fight in all DBZ to me, for both sides, completely different from anything else. Putting aside Vegeta’s own short-sighted judgements, genocidal sado-masochist behaviors and shortcomings which is partly the reason he was brought down, from a viewer’s overall perspective, from “the good guys’” perpectives, this awesome fan from Kanzenshuu summed it up in the sense of plot, power and techniques for me.

In my view, he does not just break him in that sense. In DB you have power and guts double or tripple or x10 some guy’s,  of course breaking him and all his friends is easy. First, i’ll talk about the grand one-on one battle itself. Vegeta breaks him psychologically and thoroughly. He put Goku’s moral grounds and way of fighting to test, challenge them, and breaks them down. 

 Now Goku was always a fearless manchild who was innocent enough to think he could try to fight anyone regardless of their power and evil. He got excited when the “master of power and evil”, Frieza was mentioned, stood fearless and bold in front of Cell who he himself thought “had no weakness”, loved fighting with the evil Kid Buu, when they DID break him, make him fearful it’s because he realized their power is too overwhelming for him to protect the Earth LOOONG into the fight. Vegeta breaks him when they are just starting. I have had a pretty long post about how he breaks Goku THAT way during their fight. If you don’t mind copying, check it out. 

Goku had always fought out of instinct and enjoyment, and the REAL thrill of fighting itself without the need to win. He’d always been the strongest of all Earthlings, but at the same time, always willing to put aside his ego and been willing to learn, to empty his cup and taste the other’s tea like a real martial hero.  But in this fight, he kinda showed a mighty need for WINNING - he gave it his all, trippled his power irrationally, not caring about his teacher’s words and his own body after the attempts. ”Anything is better than dying” I remember being shocked at this change in his attitudes, completely different from his other fights both before and after. 

Goku in this fight does not care about his own body and rationality. He lost BOTH his calm head and his serene, peaceful heart. He fights for his pride, fights to WIN, and this caused his downfall - just as Vegeta’s his own in EVERY fight in DBZ ever, may i be reminded. (OMG did Goku actually BECOME Vegeta?) 

A good question to consider is, what caused this difference in Goku’s way of fighting? Why is he so..broken? Well, Vegeta went crazy as fuck during the fight starting from when Goku punched him. He would kill Goku right there. Kill him or lose the Earth. But hold it. 

Vegeta breaks Goku BEFORE the fight begins. 

When Goku was done with Nappa, he says thisimage

I wouldn’t say Goku do this thing every time because of mercy. He just doesn’t need to kill. Here Nappa could not fight anymore, he wouldn’t push it. If anything Goku is being high and mighty here, thinking Vegeta would run for his life or at least , if he really was powerful enough, leave Nappa there and get it on with him. Nappa even said thanks in hope and grate that Vegeta would help him. But what does Vegeta do? He kills Nappa because Nappa was useless. With this big grin on his face (in the anime a liplick is added to make it worse) He does not just kill him out of humiliation that the Saiyan Nappa let himself be wasted, he fucking RELISHES the thought of killing him. 


Poor Nappa had no idea. 


Goku was scared shitless right there. Mostly of the power. but i don’t think that’s the only reason. Vegeta is a creature unlike anything he had known and will ever know. Vegeta does not accept help and “mercy”.or use a dirty move like Piccolo nor run away like him (and Jeice in Namek Saga) nor care about his companion.  He kills Nappa so he can look good standing ALONE in this battle field against three of them. That’s the most horrific thing about him that even Frieza doesn’t have when fighting with Goku (or haven’t had any chance to have thanks to Toriyama, i don’t know) 

And so the fight begins and Goku was broken both in and out - IN because of Vegeta’s input, OUT because of Vegeta’s power and Goku’s own fault.  After he lay beaten completely, Vegeta just went on and destroyed every attempt they three made on him. They are so heavy Even Vegeta thought he reached his limit. 


His “explaination” for this brutality: 



It’s always his pride. Pride causes all of his downfall (defeated by Goku’s Kamehameha and EVERY main villain later on), but it’s also pride that keep him fighting on and on and standing tall like this without begging or fighting cowardly. After being whooped head-on by the Genki Dama, slashed by Yajiobe and brought down by an Ozaru, he wouldn’t beg. He tried to escape not because he’s scared of them, but was pissed because “forced to retreat” in humliation.   Even Frieza begged for his life (and in his fight with his “master”, Vegeta was dumb struck by fear, but in the end his pride STILL shone) I call that HARDCORE. Vegeta was broken both body (look at that) and soul (HE KILLS HIS OWN COMPANION OUT OF FUN) but his pride was not. When it comes to Vegeta’s pride, break it and you break Vegeta. if you don’t break it, it breaks you. 

In the end, the only reason Goku could unbreak himself and calm down and ask to fight Vegeta again is because he had his friends to help and Vegeta got his pride wounded and couldn’t fight anymore. 

Krillin says it best about Saiyan Arc Vegeta : 


(Krillin says EVERYTHING best when it comes to whatever arc Vegeta, really) 

Very very nice. It´s been long since I last read good meta on DBZ. A pleasure to read!

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Followers, a little excercise for you!

I´m still looking for fisting FFs in DB, I´m too busy and too lazy to look for myself and AFF net is probably the worst organized site ever, sooo… recommendations? Or a link to some DB FF archive I don´t know? AO3 has nothing, sadly (btw, seems like I tagged my own FF wrong, it should have at least one!)

Of course I`m expecting some of you to read that kind of stuff. I have no doubts, hehe.


prince vegeta and being a good husband

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Those are four pages from the latest Chapter of Dragonball Multiverse, a fan comic in which DB characters (and some non-DB characters) from different universes battle against each other in a tournament. The story is pretty basic, the art is good and it is frequently updated.

Now, I follow the comic for a while now and something that really bothers me is the reaction of the other readers to Bra. This version of Bra is the daughter of Vegito and Bulma, she was incredibly strong at birth and trained by her father. Now, for me, that is super cool, I really like Bra as a fighter and I really like her attitude, she´s so much like Vegeta in that. During the comic she showed that her arrogance and pride are justified in her abilities but also lead to her not seeing potential dangers and putting herself and others in danger.

Doesn´t this sound familiar? Isn´t this exactly Vegeta´s behaviour, the reason many fans love him so much?

I really have to wonder though, why Bra is hated so damn much by the other readers. The comments range from ‘I don´t like her, I hope she looses the next battle and is out of the tournament/comic)’ to ‘God I hope she dies and is punished for being such an arrogant prick!’ to much more graphic descriptions of dislike.

I think it speaks for itself. I will cheer for her nonetheless.



someone asked me for wet hair!vegeta and i provided

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